How far in advance should I book?

Seasonal demand fluctuates throughout the year. Some months will be busier than others (think: holidays, bad weather season, etc.) so we always recommend securing our space as early as possible.

What furniture do you have that I can use?

We have an ever-changing variety of furniture for your use. Our current list of furniture and staging items can be found under 'the space' > 'event space' tab above.

What are your minimums?

Our studio rentals are 1 hour minimums. Our event space is a 2 hour minimum. We do not take a portion of any of your sales on site when doing pop-ups on premise. We do however have additional considerations if multiple vendors rent jointly which can be organized prior to booking.

How often do you switch the decor in Studio 2?

We love making Studio 2 a fun and ever-changing space. This keeps photos fresh and creative for all who book! Keep up to date on Studio 2's current layout on our social channels!

Can I bring alcohol to our event?

Malt liquor and wine (defined by Minnesota Statute 340A. 101 subd. 19 and subd. 29) are allowed on premise to be consumed to a reasonable degree during rentals. However, renters are required to provide a certificate of liability insurance prior to the date of the event. This means, we require Event Insurance to be able to serve alcohol on premise that names Nook Hamel, LLC as an additional insured.

The Nook will determine at time of booking/before if alcohol will be allowed to be consumed on premise. Written approval is required.

*If alcohol is discovered to have been consumed on premise without written agreement and/or proof of insurance, event will be cleared immediately and fines will be issued to renter.

Phew. Let's just not go there.

What are your Studio Rules?

Glad you asked! You can find our Studio Rules at the link below.